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Conduit Runner Pro

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Conduit Runner Pro is going End-of-Life. Remains on Play Store to allow current users to update to latest features.Product should continue to function fine, but will not receive functionality updates.** You most likely want to buy EWP 2014 instead **. EWP 2014 is where new functionality will be available
As always, includes:Conduit Bends, Fill and other calculations:BENDS:-Offsets, inc rolling-Parallel Runs-3-bend Saddle-Corner obstacles o Round or Rectangle-Segment Bending
FILL:-Minimum Size Conduit for Wires, Cables, Custom-% Fill-# Wires/Conduit (AWG, Trade Sizes)-Conduit Info-Wire Info
OTHER (per NEC 2008):- Length converter- Minimum Radius for Conduit/Tubing by size- Required Cover Depth- Pull Box Sizing- AWG-Metric wire converter (not NEC)
-Fractions (1/2-1/16 precision)-Decimal (0-4 places)
Length Converter:Enter any of meters, inches-fraction, inches-decimal, feet-inches-fraction or feet-inches-decimal and the other 4 quantities will be displayed.
Keywords: Electrical, Electrician, Conduit Bend